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Dharma Talks given at Insight Meditation Retreats
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2021-08-20 Dharma Talk: The Hindrances 49:54
Tuere Sala
Insight Meditation Retreats The Way of Insight

2021-08-20 The Art of Samatha-Vipassana: Instructions & Guided Meditation 56:34
Oren Jay Sofer
Morning instructions and guided meditation on finding your own way with the art of meditation practice, putting things down, and picking them up.
Insight Meditation Retreats The Way of Insight

2021-06-17 How we Hold the Practice: Guided Meditation and Instructions 38:49
Oren Jay Sofer
Morning instructions and guided meditation on how to hold and relate to the primary object/anchor.
Insight Meditation Retreats Awareness and Love: Insight Meditation Retreat

2021-04-02 Joy as the Path of Practice and its Fruition 47:00
Jessica Morey
Day 2: This talk explores the many kinds joy and happiness found within the Buddha's teachings of awakening and offers ways to nurture these. Cultivating gladness, happiness, piti and joy within our own heart-minds is a valuable support for the deepening of mudita, sympathetic joy.
Insight Meditation Retreats Steadying the Heart

2021-04-01 Compassion like an Old Friend 48:10
Oren Jay Sofer
(Day 1) Compassion is the open heart's response to suffering and a profound resource for meeting life. By attending to our experience closely we can develop compassion for ourselves and the world with the care and strength of an old friend.
Insight Meditation Retreats Steadying the Heart

2021-01-08 Touching Joy and Meeting Difficulties 52:28
Oren Jay Sofer
As we walk the Buddha's path, difficulties and challenges are part of the journey. It takes support and a heart of joy to meet the hard places. This talk explores some of the common challenges and three key supports on the path to Awakening.
Insight Meditation Retreats January 2021 Insight Meditation Retreat

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